The Volvo S60 Has Sleek Design Elements

When you examine a Volvo S60, it's design elements will capture your attention. It has features that are dynamic, hardware for precision, and materials that tailor a driving experience.

All of the dynamic features are found outside this Volvo vehicle. The front of the car has flair; it has inserts with a glossy black finish. Underneath the inserts, there is a grille that gives the vehicle a distinguished appearance that's bold and powerful. Many features that provide precision are in the cabin. The layout is the main attraction because everything is strategically aligned in practical spots. When you sit behind the wheel, you'll experience the equipment's stiffness, which is needed for solid precision.

While visiting Hendrick Volvo Cars of Charleston in Charleston, SC, you can check out the Volvo S60's tailored design elements, such as its aluminum panels and plush seats. We stock a variety of new and used vehicles by Volvo and provide test drives.

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