The Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer

Oversteer and understeer are practical vehicle terms that explain the vehicle sensitivity to steering. It is worth remembering that people who drive more slowly and with care are less likely to fall victim of oversteer or understeer, and the modern vehicles are now designed with safety equipment to make sure the above eventualities do not happen.

What is Understeer, the Common Cause, and How to Stop It

Understeer is when the car loses the grip in the corner, turning the steering useless. It occurs when you try to force the wheels while also managing a high speed. If you notice understeering, you should reduce the amount you are pressing the accelerator and reduce your steering angle.

What is Oversteering, the Common Cause, and How to Stop It

It is similar to understeer but affects the back of the car. It occurs on vehicles that drive the rear wheel and happen when the driver applies more power than the wheels can hold. To prevent oversteer from happening, reduce the speed without pressing the brakes completely.

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