Stay Safe in the Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is a great addition to our inventory at Volvo Cars of Charleston in Charleston, SC. As a luxury subcompact SUV, it's filled with high-end features that make it fun to drive as well as comfortable to ride in. It also has a number of safety features that can give you peace of mind.

Advanced features are in place to help prevent accidents. One of those systems is Lane Keeping Aid. At speeds above 40 miles per hour, the system uses a digital camera to monitor whether you're staying in your lane lines. If you start to drift without putting on your turn signal, your vehicle will take action. The steering can automatically correct itself, and if you wish, the steering wheel can be set to vibrate when this happens.

If an accident does occur, a full set of airbags are there for protection. Side-impact airbags are included for more cushioning, and they're located in the front and back.

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