When you want your car to really shine, you probably reach for some wax. But what is car wax really? It is important to understand what car wax is so that you can use it properly and give your vehicle the benefits that it is intended to provide. Hendrick Volvo Cars of Charleston would like you to know the following information.

Car wax is meant to provide your car with a protective layer to keep the body looking great and free from outside pollutants. It can also help to eliminate scratches and other imperfections that form in the body over time. This is what gives it the shiny look that you enjoy.

Car wax is applied after you wash your car. It is the last thing that you should put on, as it puts on that protective layer that we just mentioned. Stop by Hendrick Volvo Cars of Charleston if you have any service needs for your vehicle. We will be glad to help.

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