The Interior of the New Volvo S90 Provides a Luxurious Warm Welcome

When the choice is made to have a luxury sedan as the means to get you around Charleston, SC, then there is a high level of sophistication and comfort that is expected. Luxury vehicles, by their nature, provide drivers with the details and amenities that set them apart from a typical vehicle. One visit to Hendrick Volvo Cars of Charleston and you'll discover this firsthand with the Volvo S90.

One of the first benefits that you will find in the new Volvo S90 is premium quality seats that provide extreme comfort for all. Where other vehicles only focus on the driver or front passenger predominantly, there are five luxury seats in this sedan. That means, for instance, that heated seating is available for all passengers.

To brighten the environment and enhance the ambiance of the Volvo S90, there is a panoramic moonroof available. This feature allows an abundance of natural light to fill the cabin but has the means to automatically close the sunshade when the weather gets warmer.

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