Electric Car Charging in Charleston

Electric vehicles are some of the most popular options, and our team is here to ensure your time of ownership is as straightforward as possible. We can provide the details you need for ownership, including helping you find electric vehicle charging in Charleston. You won't need to stress when finding a charging point during your drive.

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Ease the Stress of Vehicle Ownership with Access to Many Charging Stations

Not only can you charge your electric vehicle at home, but there are over two dozen charging station locations near Charleston. Stations are strategically placed to ensure you'll find one during every drive. ChargePoint stations are located throughout the city, with an app available to show you the exact location of each. The ChargePoint App shows which charging stations in Charleston are currently available, reducing the hassle of finding an open charging point.

Explore our map of the area to see the location of each charging station before you embark on your next drive! Knowing where you will have electric vehicle charging in Charleston will keep you confident in the driver's seat and alleviates any range anxiety you might experience.

How to Use a ChargePoint Station

Using a ChargePoint Station is as easy as holding your phone over the reader, tapping "Start Charge" on the app, or tapping your ChargePoint Card over the card reader. You can connect your car via the provided cable once your session starts. End your charging session by removing the cable and, if necessary, press the "Stop Charging" button.

You'll receive an alert when your vehicle is nearing the end of its charging cycle. ChargePoint stations take all the guesswork out of electric vehicle charging in Charleston, ensuring you know when your vehicle is ready to continue your adventure.

How Often Do I Need to Charge My Vehicle?

This varies by model, but electric vehicles offer an incredible range to handle anything you face. Most electric vehicles show their driving range on their dashboard, letting you decide when you will need charging in Charleston. It's recommended to keep your vehicle between 20% and 80% of its battery capacity to maximize its lifespan.

We make it easy to find charging stations so you can plan your drive based on how far your vehicle can go. Electric Volvo models like the C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge offer over 220 miles of driving before needing to be recharged. You deserve a straightforward way to get the most out of your electric vehicle, and our team is here to help.

Contact Our Team with Questions About Electric Vehicle Charging in Charleston

Electric vehicles offer many benefits, and we want to show you how the convenience of charging is one of them. More manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of electric vehicles, expanding the current network of charging stations as more drivers need them. Our Volvo lineup offers electric vehicles to help you find one that meets the needs of your life.

You can use the map on our website to find charging stations along your route and contact our team whenever you have questions about electric vehicle charging in Charleston. We can help you find charging stations and show you how to find them the next time you need to see where one is. Call, email, or visit our dealership to see everything Volvo electric vehicles offer and decide if one will be the best choice as your next!